User guide

1. Interacting with Tingo Mobile SIM Cards

1.1 Activation

When a new SIM is inserted into a phone, it must be activated by the subscriber. Here's how to do that:

  1. Wait for the phone to connect to the radio network.
  2. Call the self-service freephone number (1244).
  3. The subscriber will then receive their phone number via a welcome SMS. (Do not delete this message.)
  4. Once the subscriber receives the welcome message, they will also receive a network message asking them to restart their phone.
  5. The phone is now ready to receive calls and SMS.
  6. In order to make calls, send SMS or data, the subscriber will need to “Top Up” (see next section) their
  7. SIM card

  8. If a subscriber doesn’t use the SIM card to make a call, send SMS or data within 90 days, the SIM card will be terminated.
  9. Please note:

    • Phones can be slow to connect to the network for the first time. Be patient.
    • A Tingo Mobile SIM can be activated only in the UK. (Once activated, it can be used for roaming.)

1.2 Top Up

In order to "Top Up":

  1. Purchase a voucher at any Paypoint outlet.”. Or visit Vouchers currently come in four denominations: £5, £8, £10 and £12.
  2. Locate the 12-digit PIN number.
  3. Send the message “TOPUP ” (ex. “TOPUP 123456789012”) by SMS to the 1244 number. This is if topup is bought from a paypoint outlet.
  4. If the “Top Up” is successful, the subscriber will receive a confirmation SMS.

A “Top Up” can also be done by calling the Self-Service freephone number (1244).

1.3 Check Balance

A subscriber can check their credit balance at any time by sending the message “BALANCE” by SMS to 1244. In return, the subscriber will receive an SMS containing their current credit balance and their remaining bundle allowance.

1.4 Purchase Bundle

Once a SIM card is credited, subscribers can make calls and send SMS or data. However, subscribers will be charged via a pay-as-you-go tariff. This tariff is determined via per second, per SMS, or per MB costs of usage. It is therefore more economical to purchase a bundle.

There are several bundles currently available:

Bundle Name Description Retail
500MB data + unlimited natl mins/SMS £5
2GB data + unlimited natl mins/SMS £5
5GB 5GB data + unlimited natl mins/SMS £10
10GB 10GB data + unlimited natl mins/SMS £12
15GB 15GB data + unlimited natl mins/SMS £15
25GB 25GB data + unlimited natl mins/SMS £25
50GB 50GB data + unlimited natl mins/SMS £45
ROW 100 minutes to low cost destinations £5
Ghana 150 minutes to Ghana £20
Pakistan 200 minutes to Pakistan £5
Bangladesh 100 minutes to Iran £12.50
India 500 minutes to India £9
Nigeria 200 minutes to Nigeria £18

To purchase a bundle, subscribers must do the following:

  1. Make sure they enough credit on their SIM card to buy the bundle they desire.Or simply purchase from
  2. Send the message “BUNDLE ” (ex. “BUNDLE 5GB”) by SMS to 1244.
  3. If the purchase is successful, the subscriber will receive confirmation via SMS

    Please note:

    • A bundle is valid for 30 days, after which period users can purchase another bundle.
    • International calls and usage above the bundle allowance will be charged via pay-as-you-go.

1.5 Voicemail

  1. To retrieve voice messages, call 1233 from the UK or +447973101233 from abroad.
  2. To disable voice mail, disable Call Forwarding from the phone settings.
  3. To enable voice mail, enable Call Forwarding to +447973101233 on the phone settings.

2. Retail Pricing

2.1 Out of bundle

All usage beyond bundle allowance or otherwise not covered by a bundle – such as international calling or roaming outside the European Union (EU) – will be charged via pay-as-you-go. Please contact your account manager to obtain the latest out-of-bundle costs.

2.2 Roaming

As per the EU’s Roam-Like-At-Home regulation, roaming within the EU costs the same as in the UK. Roaming outside EU, however, is considered out-of-bundle and will be charged accordingly.

3. Number Portability

3.1 Porting In

A new subscriber can keep their mobile number by “porting in” the number to the Tingo Mobile network. The request for “porting” in must be sent by email to our Service Desk. Here’s what we’ll need:

  1. The subscriber’s PAC. This is a code made up of three letters and six numbers. The subscriber can get this from their current provider, and it will be valid for 30 days.
  2. The preferred phone number. (I.e. the one they would like to keep.)
  3. A temporary phone number. The subscriber will need to provide a new SIM card into which their preferred number will be transferred. This SIM card will have a temporary number that will be overwritten by the number being “ported in.”

It takes two working days to complete the “port in” process. However, if a porting day falls on a Friday, an additional working day will be required.
Our Service Desk will inform you when the porting is fully completed.

3.2 Porting out

As of July 1st, 2019, new OFCOM regulations affecting “porting out” have made it possible for Consumers to be able to request and automatically receive a unique PAC code by text.

To request a PAC code from Tingo Mobile subscribers need only text “PAC” to the number 65075.

Alternatively, subscribers can do the following:

  1. Visit the switching web-portal at and enter the MSISDN. This will trigger an SMS with a 6-digit authentication code.
  2. Enter the authentication code and select PAC.
  3. Copy the displayed PAC form the web-portal and an automated text will be sent with the requested information.

3.3 SIM Swap

In order to replace a SIM card, subscribers should email our Service Desk and provide their subscriber number and address details. We will then ship them a new SIM card with their number already on it. (

4. Miscellaneous

4.1 Customer Service

1212 (24/7)